The purpose of this new iPad application is for quick and easy kitchen cabinet layout and design. In today’s market there are only a few software packages that can be used for cabinet layouts. Most of these are very expensive and difficult to use. They are not simple tools that one can install and use without extensive training and practice. Kitchen design software is typically used by professional kitchen designers and high end kitchen contractors. iCabinet was designed and built so that anyone could easily create their next kitchen.

Large home improvement retailers fill the market need for off the shelf inexpensive cabinets. However, there is not an equally inexpensive means for kitchen layout. In the “remodel for resale industry” kitchen designs are often written on sheet of paper and cabinet measurements are added via calculator. The multifamily is not much different. Layouts are drawn on graph paper then later, if the contractor has it, it’s entered into a kitchen design software package. Home owners are at the mercy of the sales person selling them the cabinets. They are either charged for a home measurement visit or are required to bring in the measurements and are liable if the cabinets don’t fit.

Our software fills the for an inexpensive easy to use solution targeted towards remodelers, home owners and the multifamily industry. Most remolding contractors are not willing to pay the high price for specialized kitchen design software or spend the time to learn how to use it. Home owners usually spend hours in the kitchen department of their local home improvement store having them design their kitchen. Cabinet replacement in the multifamily industry is very common. Property managers often rely on cabinet sales people for their cabinet design. iCabinet is the perfect answer home owners, contractors and property managers. a like.

This software is designed specifically for use on the iPad, taking advantage of it’s ultra portability, and touch screen capabilities. Users have a selection of cabinets, appliances and filler strips to the right of the screen and a blank, grid lined work sheet on the left. Using the touch screen, users can select, drag, and rotate the cabinets to their work sheet as needed. Once placed on the work sheet the software automatically measures the cabinets selected, allowing the user to work towards a desired length. This is unlike other cabinet design software that requires the user to create the kitchen walls first then add cabinets. Working to a desired length is faster and more efficient.

Once their drawing is completed users have a variety of options of what to do with the design. Users can email their design to customers, installers or suppliers. Drawing can also be saved the to the “My Drawings” folder on the iPad for later use or printed using the built in iPad print feature.

First View

When the application is opened users see the iCabinet logo, using the touch screen users can scroll left to see existing designs in the “library” view. A “New Design” button is located at the top left hand corner, pressing this button will start a new blank document.


A new blank drawing has selectable cabinets to the right and a blank grid line workspace to the left. Users can select wall cabinets, base cabinets, filler strips and appliances. Within the drawing space is the drawing title, cabinet size and the date it was created.


Using the touch screen capabilities users can touch and drag the desired cabinet on to the work space. Once in the work space users are able to rotate the cabinet 45 degrees to the right by double taping. Cabinets “snap to grid” and align with the grid lines on the work space page and with other cabinets already in the design. As cabinets are added to the work space the application automatically adds the current length and place a measurement bar horizontally or vertically above the design.

How Do I?

Start a new drawing:  Touch the “New Drawing” button at the top left of your screen. Or touch the “+” icon when viewing existing drawings in library.

Save a drawing: When you are finished with your drawing touch the “Library” button. A save drawing box will open allowing you to name your drawing and return to the library view.

Find a saved drawing:  Using the touch screen scroll left or right at the “Library Screen”. to select a drawing simply touch it.

Select a saved drawing:  From the “Library” screen touch the desired drawing.

Find cabinets for my drawing:  To the left of the drawing surface there is a visual list of the available cabinets, appliances, and filler strips.  Use the touch feature to scroll up or down to the see additional sizes.

Select a cabinet or appliance: Touch the cabinet, appliance or filler you wish to use, drag and drop it onto the design surface. The item will zoom when it’s ready to move.

Rotate: Double tap any item to rotate it counter clock wise.

Delete an unwanted cabinet: Select and fling the unwanted item back to scroll bar.

Change the Cabinet height:  Touch the “Cabinet Height” label on the drawing surface. This is for informational purposes only as 3d rendering is not support in this version.

Delete an unwanted drawing:  From the library screen scroll to the unwanted drawing and touch the “Trash Can” icon.

Go back to the library without saving:  Touch the library button, when ask to name your drawing touch cancel.

Share a drawing: From the library screen touch the arrow button and select; email or print.

Contact the developers:  Questions and comments are welcome and will help us with future updates.  Please email us at support@iCabinetApp.com.


Need Help or Support?

You can view the app’s help screen from the ‘info icon’ located in the top right corner of iCabinet for iPad. You can also contact us at support@icabinetapp.com for assistance